Friday, December 3, 2010

Jessica Biel warfighter pics?

All of the ex-military personnel in my office were up in arms this week about an e-mail that went around with specs for and pictures of three carriers and the new fighter jet.  Apparently, all of the pictures in the e-mail came from the movie Stealth which stars Jessica Biel.  All of the specs in the e-mail were accurate.  The images, too, were the described crafts; but they were all shots from the movie.  The information was true but the origin of the photos was intentionally left out.  Recipients of the e-mail felt that their intelligence was underestimated.  Not to mention that they were all totally annoyed with the guy who sent this to everyone on the base.  I guess the moral of the story here is to be aware of your audience - something I know we've gone over a thousand times.  This case illustrates that your audience is the key to you not looking stupid.  Because the person who sent this e-mail?  He looks really stupid.

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