Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Steve Martin

I just caught Steve Martin on the Colbert Report where he discussed his new book, An Object of Beauty. Just like Shopgirl, I knew that this would be a side of the classic comedian that I'm not used to.  Colbert described a recent event held at the 92 Street Y in Manhattan. Martin was there to promote his book and discuss art but the crowd wasn't happy with that. They wanted to hear about Father of the Bride, The Jerk, and Bowfinger.  Martin was even interrupted halfway through the event with a note requesting that he talk about his movies.  I'm not much of an artist nor would I pick up a book about art, but I also wouldn't be angry if I went to an art lecture and had to hear about art. It's sad that the general public is not only confused but upset about anything with more than one side to it. This article sums it up nicely. The Y even gave displeased attendees $50 certificates to make up for the disappointment of the event. Jeez!


  1. The fact that the Y felt like they had to appease that crowd, and did, is ridiculous. If you absolutely can't stand it, leave. I'm sure there was no one there making them listen. People are so self-involved and ridiculous.

  2. *If they were confused about the topic, they should have called and asked. Granted, it looks like the Y wouldn't have known the answer since there does seem to be a lack of communication, but at least then there would be an accountability factor. This is just, as you said Jenny, the audience being upset with another side. I wouldn't have bought a ticket to it either, but I certainly wouldn't have emailed the Y and asked them to ask HIM to change course midway through. Sad.

  3. I read about this! I was a member of the Phillips Collection for a year and occasionally got bored at their monthly events, but mostly because I wasn't in the mood not because of the speaker. I feel bad for Steve Martin!