Friday, November 19, 2010

Good and Bad Infographics

This infographic, Rally Capitol, depicts an approximate attendance at rallies and protests in Washington. Landmarks are numbered and the crowd is color coded according to the estimated number of people present in that area.  Across the bottom are descriptions of six rallies held from 2000 until the present and the estimated number of people who attended.  It packs a lot of information (and a lot of people) into a small, organized space.  A typical depiction would be several bar graphs, but this uses the actual geographic layout and color coded symbols to create a new way of looking at this information.

The image in this infographic, Political Nascar, is needlessly confusing.  On the left is a list of top contributors by industry for each candidate.  On the right are the two candidates as Nascar drivers with their contributors patched on their shirts and pants.  Then there is another set of symbols that represent other types of industries (very few of which are found on the lists on the left) which correspond to the patches on the drivers' clothes.  That was confusing just to explain.  Anyhow, I'm not sure how the numbers on the left correlate to the images on the right and why there's an extra set of symbols in the middle.  Also, what does each candidate have to do with Nascar anyway?

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