Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Overthinking It

I stumbled across this blog called Overthinking It.  I'm new to the blogosphere so forgive me if this is one of those sites that everyone knows about except for me (this happens a lot.)  The site "subjects the popular culture to a level of scrutiny it probably doesn't deserve."  This is what I do all day every day!  I particularly liked the post on "Glee"'s misogyny issues.   


  1. I love it! They are featuring an article about The Walking Dead (a show about a zombie apocalypse on AMC) that's my new favorite show. I tend to overthink everything all the time so it's comforting to read and sometimes think that someone else is overthinking! I hadn't heard about this but I'm not blog savvy either. Nice find!

  2. P.S. I like your new design, it makes sense! I kinda want "Thank you for coming" to be bold, the line behind it is distracting. The whole thing works I think.