Thursday, November 4, 2010

Really: New Windows Phone 7 Official Ad

Have you seen this commercial?  I think it's funny and smart.  A friend of mine said that she interpreted it as saying, "Our new phone will suck so bad that you won't want to use it."  That's not how I took it though.  First of all, I couldn't stop watching this commercial.  We've all been in or observed these scenarios before and it really makes me want to say, "Really?!" sometimes.  Anyhow, I interpreted the message to be that this phone will be simpler to navigate through, making it easier to find what you're looking for so that you can put the phone down sooner.  How did you interpret it?

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  1. I was listening to a sports talk radio show last night, and the do a "Studs and Duds" section where they choose a player that they think will be a stud or dud that week. One of the guys went totally off topic to say that his "stud" of the week was the new Windows Phone commercial. (His "dud," if you were wondering, was Phillies fans.)