Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bad Food Photography

This is a page out of the October issue of Every Day with Rachel Ray. As with many of the other pages in the magazine, this is jumbled, cluttered, and all over the place. A small text box in the upper left corner reads, "A boisterous bash."  Okay, so I get it. This is a boisterous scene. It's an aerial shot of a table but whether it's a dining room table or a picnic table I'm not sure. There are mismatched teacups, saucers, and dishes of varying sizes and colors. Some are filled with tea. Others are filled with jewelry - ? There are also random pieces of toys, confetti, paper flowers, and sunglasses on the table. It just generally looks rather creepy and very confusing. What's it about anyway? Oh yes, those two less than noticeable ice cream sundaes within all of this busyness. Once I read about the dish with its bourbon whipped cream, I knew it must be delicious. But this picture does nothing for me and surely does not do justice for the Bananas Foster Split.

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