Thursday, September 23, 2010


Do you remember pogs? I was in sixth grade in 1994 when they got really popular. If you're unaware, pogs are circular half-dollar sized pieces of cardboard with random scenes or images displayed on one side. I had about 50 pogs while many of my classmates had hundreds. To play the game, you put a stack of your pogs in the center of some thin, plastic game board, which more often than not had the Yin and Yang symbols or an eight ball on it. Then the person that you're play with takes another game piece called a slammer, which is made of a thicker, weightier plastic, and literally slams the slammer atop your pogs. They get to keep your pogs that flipped over so that the blank, white side is face up. At least I think that's how it was played. Someone please correct me if I'm not getting it right. I wasn't really interested in playing so much as I was in collecting pogs with the strangest images. Here are a few. They're so random.  I wonder who came up with these designs. I like to think that they were students like us, just practicing the pen tool in Illustrator. Anyhow, regardless of how mindless and useless these gems from the 90s may be, they're fun pieces of modern art and I personally find them a little nostalgic.

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  1. I loved pogs for the same reasons you did. The pieces with the most interesting design pieces always stuck out to me more than any others. I guess we wouldn't be at UBalt if we didnt think that though.