Friday, October 22, 2010

Call To Action

This is an ad for, an online sewing community from the October/November issue of Bust.  I don't think it works that well for a half-page ad just because it's not large enough.  It's outlined by tiny thumbnails of clothes and accessories that people have sewed but the reader really can't see any of them clearly enough to be impressed.  I probably wouldn't have stopped on this ad if I weren't looking for a call to action.  Anyhow, it clearly states that "BurdaStyle is a place for people who sew or would like to learn."  The steps are numbered one through five.  Whoever made this ad gave you step by step instructions on how to get into the sewing world - pick your pattern on, download PDF and print at home, assemble the pattern, sew up your project, and share with the community and check out other projects.  The message not only encourages you to visit the website, it encourages you to sew, share, and sew some more.

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