Friday, October 22, 2010

Daniel Johnston

My sister is a huge fan of Daniel Johnston.  I'm already quite certain that you're uncertain about who Daniel Johnston is.  I was first introduced to his music through the soundtrack to that movie Kids that came out in 1995.  His music was awful.  He can't sing and the percussion on most of his tracks sounded like someone just banging on an upside down garbage can.  And not in the street cool, make you want to dance, go-go upside down garbage can kind of way.  More in the wow this guy can't afford a drum set kind of way.  However, after listening to my sister rock out to bad song after bad song, I grew fond of Daniel Johnston.  And when I saw his artwork, I liked him even more.  I saw him live last year and was shocked to see him in person.  He's a 49-year-old overweight man who shakes uncontrollably behind the mic and his voice still cracks.  He's adorable.  His artwork is the physical manifestation of his music.  It's bad.  But so good.  Daniel Johnston is proof that you don't have to be good at what you love to practice what you love and make people love you for it.

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