Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Okay, okay.  I give up!  I have scoured over my grammatical desk references and random cheat sheets from my entire undergraduate career.  I've Googled, I've Yahooed, I've even Asked Jeeves.  "Its'" is never okay.  I'm not okay with this because I just know that there's some very specific instance in this universe to which "its'" will lend itself useful one day.  I will patiently bide my time until this special instance makes its way into my life.  I will let "its'" rest in peace until this day.  But when that day comes - I will let you and everyone in the world know that "its'" lives.  I am very much looking forward to this day as I have spent entirely too much time on this curiosity as it is and nothing would be more satisfying at this point than to one day, confidently and correctly, use this silly little word previously shunned by the world, ignored and left for dead until I victoriously resurrect it and its glory.

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