Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Life Leaves Spaces For You To Create In.

I like this American Express ad that I found in the October issue of GQ.  The purpose is to promote "ZYNC from American Express, the Card you can build by adding Packs that are filled with bundles of rewards and benefits, to help you enjoy more of the things you're into, and get more out of them."  Some of the Packs to choose from are restaurants, travel, music, style, personal finance, or charity donations.  The graphic shows snapshots of varying lifestyles and how each can be interpreted as a blank canvas.  I was immediately drawn to this collection of pictures; they are all visually eclectic and each effectively portrays a specific type of individual.  But they are all similar in that they all are blank and dying to be personalized.  It works for me, and incidentally, it also works for the ZYNC Card.

And here's another piece from this campaign for music lovers.


  1. Jenny I’m going to bring in another Zync American Express ad I found in a different magazine for you to see. I just LOVE their ads. I like this one better than the one I found though because it's creative and the words correlate with the images, which are GREAT by the way. This ad definitely makes me want to apply for a Zync makes me feel like there is a lot of flexibility and that I can do whatever I want with it!

  2. Yeah this ad is clever, I like how it doesnt even give the product at first glance